Cycling Diet: Foods Forbidden in Cycling

Diet and cycling

What an unpleasant word cycling diet, who may like to live their whole life on a constant diet, it is a good idea to clarify the concept of "cycling diet". The cycling diet includes more than a simple diet, it is a lifestyle that provides the capacity that the cyclist needs to achieve a certain goal.

Being a cyclist is something very serious that, accompanied by discipline, proposes a sporty and practical lifestyle. On the street they usually sell many products that belong to a certain commercial brand, they claim that their products are designed for cyclists, the truth is that they can be more harmful than anything else.

Cycling Diet # 1 Do not eat granola bars

Commercial granola bars taste good for a reason, they are loaded with sugar. It is important to compare the added calorie content on the packaging, a granola bar could have 100 calories, most bars have 7 grams of sugar, which is quite a small package.

Cycling Diet # 2 Do not consume tomato sauce

Many sauces such as honey mustard, BBQ sauce and tomato sauce have a lot of sugar, with just one tablespoon of tomato you can have 6 grams of sugar. Many tomato sauces have additives that do not have any nutritional value, rather they slow down our metabolism and increase our weight.

Cycling Diet # 3 Energy Drinks

Did you know that a can of Red Bull has 40 grams of sugar? We have also observed many brands that provide sugar-free alternatives. Sugar for cyclists can be a latent danger, if sugar is not controlled during a specific diet it may not have positive consequences.

Sugar in a cycling diet can be a powerful energy booster.

Cycling Diet # 3 Salad Dressing

Who has not experienced that feeling of happiness after eating a salad? The problem is in the dressing, many dressings that claim to have no sugar can have up to four grams of sugar for each tablespoon, many people tend to design their own dressing and also make mistakes, our best recommendation is to prepare a dressing with Greek yogurt.

Cycling Diet # 4 Sports Drinks

Despite having a truly attractive name, sports drinks are often quite dangerous for your health. If you are a professional cyclist, you may be able to have the privilege of taking the 20 grams of sugar that each one has, if you are not a professional cyclist, it is most likely that a slightly less sweet drink will suit you.

Cycling Diet # 5 Fizzy Drinks

For some time now, the world's population has been urged to keep daily sugar consumption to just 10% of daily calories, that is, around 48 grams of sugar per day. Drinking a carbonated drink such as a 20-ounce Pepsi can have 69 grams of sugar, due to its high sugar content all cyclists are advised to cut down on harmful beverages.

Jesus Roldan

Copywriter con experiencia y conocimiento en el mundo del ciclismo y sus diferentes variantes.