What to eat for breakfast before riding a bike

Breakfast the most important meal of the cyclist
Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day because it interrupts the long period of fasting that sleep represents. It initiates all the body's metabolic processes and provides our body with the nutrients and energy necessary to ensure 100% performance.

Some cyclists recommend not having breakfast before going out to pedal, but doing physical activity represents a strain on the body, and if we are not well fed, rather than being healthy, exercise can be a detrimental factor in our routine. The general opinion, and that of the specialists, is overwhelming: a good breakfast will determine the success, or failure, of our routine.

Now what do we put on our plate?

Carbohydrates are the first thing the body digests to meet its energy needs, so before exercising, it is a good idea to eat foods rich in carbohydrates. Healthy carbohydrate foods include vegetables, and fruits. Among carbohydrates, we find fibers. These delay the digestive process, helping to get the most out of the food and stimulating the burning of fat. We can incorporate fiber with oatmeal and whole wheat toast.

For our breakfast to be healthy, we must take into account the degree of intensity of our activity and our body weight. The recommended portion of carbohydrates is 8-11g per kg of body weight for intense exercise (more than two hours of work). For recreational exercise (less than two hours) 5-8g per Kg of body weight.

Not all people are the same, but eating much more than the recommended intake can lead to feeling heavy and down during exercise. Our body will be busy with digestion and that will decrease the performance of our metabolism. If you feel that the recommended portion is not enough, it is recommended to carry a fruit and water-based smoothie or a cereal bar in your luggage.

Be careful with some foods
It is prudent not to consume foods that may cause us discomfort during work, such as caffeine, dairy, or excess fiber. It is also advisable to avoid foods rich in fat, such as peanut butter and cold cuts. Avoid purchasing processed and refined products as much as possible, such as white rice and pasta, instant oats and juices, canned vegetables and fruits, and inexpensive cereal bars.

Regarding fruit smoothies, it is advisable not to drink them as a substitute for solids; It is perfect to drink a fruit juice but not if for that reason we remove an orange from the plate. Liquids are digested faster than solid foods. In low intensity days, this may not have an impact on our performance, but it can be a problem in intense days.

Before participating in a day of intense activity, it is also recommended to have a dinner rich in carbohydrates the night before. Pasta should be whole grain, not refined. Currently, there are also intelligent presentations of oats that allow us to prepare a delicious dinner with a very healthy food. Quinoa is another relatively new alternative to pasta. It is not advisable to consume meats, legumes, alcohol, or over-season food. Accompany the grains with some vegetables, and a fruit dessert.

Jesus Roldan

Copywriter con experiencia y conocimiento en el mundo del ciclismo y sus diferentes variantes.